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i Sep 9th 2016 10:58am See all News

[Please note: this stage of the process is now complete so please send no more messages to Sajid Javid.]

Bring the Dons Home badgeBTDH were dismayed to learn that Wandsworth Council will be petitioning the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Sajid Javid, to call in the already approved planning application for the new stadium.

This political pressure from the leader of Wandsworth Council Ravi Govindia comes despite the stadium development being unanimously approved by Merton’s planning committee and the proposals being supported by the professional planning experts of Merton, Wandsworth and the GLA.

It also comes despite significant guarantees on aspects such as transport being made to Wandsworth council as part of the section 106 negotiations.

In theory, the Secretary of State can be called on to act as the planning authority only if planning issues of more than local importance are involved.

Whilst we do not believe that these criteria apply in this case, we are aware that some of the long-term opponents of the stadium proposals are writing to the Secretary of State and asking him to take the responsibility for the decision away from Merton Council again.

Any Secretary of State call-in, even if planning permission was subsequently granted, would be hugely expensive to both the club and the taxpayer and, given the unanimous approval of the plans thus far, we do not think this would be appropriate.

We would therefore urge all fans to write to the Secretary of State themselves and have set up a submission below which outlines some of the sound planning reasons for the approval granted by Merton Council.

All information sent using this form will also be copied to the Wimbledon MP, Stephen Hammond.

[The submission form has been removed as this stage of the process is now complete.]